Fleur Disney

A freelance writer and film maker, I’m motivated by social and environmental injustice. I’ve written for commercial magazines and news media including The Times*, and am currently working on an independent documentary, ‘Get Rich Or Try Sharing’. The film explores the prevailing issue of homelessness in the UK capital, with interviews spanning street sleepers, homeless shelters and squats to the General London Assembly, The Royal Mint and the Houses of Parliament. Get Rich Or Try Sharing looks to creative grass roots solutions, social innovation and a shift in current mindsets, to build the foundations for a more equitable society.

Through the course of my work I have become deeply involved with ReSpace Projects; a not-for-profit company that works to implement systems of reuse for wasted resources such as empty buildings, which can help build resilience and self-sufficiency among communities. I am now one of the company directors.

I’m currently studying a masters degree in Energy and Environmental Change and am impatient to see an imminent global transition to renewable energies. Have plan, but in need of capable and well placed colleagues. The plan does not need to exclude existing energy companies – plenty of transferable skills and technologies.

My blog can be browsed here.

*23 July 2015 ‘New criminal court charges may force the poor to plead guilty’ [This court charge had since been withdrawn. Needless to say, 'the poor' it affected have not been compensated].