Get Rich Or Try Sharing

Get Rich Or Try Sharing is a feature documentary which explores the idea that we can strengthen communities by sharing wasted resources, such as empty buildings. We are half way through filming and go into post-production early March 2016.

There are 80,000 empty buildings in London and according to the latest Crisis report, homelessness rose 37% between 2010 and 2013 – reaching about 6500 rough sleepers in London alone. In addition it’s estimated that 39% of homeless people in London have mental health problems. According to many sufferers, self-expression such as art, drama, music and talking are some of the most effective treatments for mental health issues, however access to space where such activities can be facilitated are becoming increasingly limited.

Get Rich Or Try Sharing considers the possibility of putting wasted spaces back into use for the community, relieving some pressure on these already limited reources. To this end we’re collaborating with a community group who have opened up a building in East London’s Dalston, with permission from the landlord to use it for community purposes for one year. This building, called The Hive, is staffed by volunteers and facilitates activities and events that range from art exhibitions and performance space, to workshops, meeting space, health and well being, conferences and legal advice , to name just a few.

The following short, No Place Like Home, is a brief introduction to some of the issues explored further in Get Rich Or Try Sharing:

Mau Mau

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