Not Dark Yet

Not Dark Yet 

(running time 5 minutes)

Premiered at the London Short Film Festival, January 2014.


Not Dark Yet gives the audience a glimpse into a place where this world meets another. A huge fallen tree on Hampstead Heath is the enchanted setting that Lucy discovers when she wanders inadvertently into the quiet watchful grove. With bare feet and carrying a single stiletto she is drawn to the tree without knowing why – perhaps the evening’s events have left her mind susceptible.

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With no dialogue, an undisclosed back story and some contemporary dance, this short is open to audience interpretation, but the driving force behind its creation is to contemplate the increasing dislocation of the mortal world and the natural one. This age old connection has long been accepted wisdom, and most cultures have some kind of reference to a spiritual world, one that can be interacted with and can exert influence on our own actions. Google fairies and their kin for long enough and you’ll come across some frightening characters and stories from the not too distant past.

In the modern day we tend to reject this notion and as a result perhaps are blind to that ‘other world’ of our ancestors. However, if we open our minds and listen with all our senses, we may find that there are still some places where the spiritual world is palpable.


Cast and Crew:

  • Director/ scriptwriter – Fleur Disney
  • Producer/ DoP / Colour grader – Craig Lees
  • Editor – Liam Camps
  • Sound – Gregory Ovendon
  • 1st Assistant Camera – Matt Hall
  • Production – Nyou Media
  • Make up – Nicola Hurle and Emma Skelton
  • Choreography – Carrie Amor and Laura Christopher


Cast (in order of appearance):
Fleur Disney, Laura Christopher, Jean Valladares, Carrie Amor, Mya Vella-Hall, Imogen Henry-Campbell, Natasha McElwain-Williams, Saskia Bordchat-Hume, Kindall Payne.


Christopher Slaski, Debbie Wiseman, Luke Richards, Terry Devine-King and Tom Small.

Director’s statement:

This project is a commentary on the change in our relationship with the natural world. Once upon a time this would not have been considered an unusual scenario – in fact lone travellers would have carried charms and objects to guard themselves against malevolent influences from the spirit world. These days if you came back with a story about wood sprites people would assume you’d taken acid.

It may well be that back in the day people ate a lot more dodgy mushrooms, and of course we know a lot more about the world than we once did, but I think the danger of this is to assume we know it all. It may be possible to map every spec of the planet and still not really see all that is there. We’re an arrogant and thick-skinned bunch, but it’s interesting to at least acknowledge the possibility that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

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For information contact Fleur Disney:

07803 582 740